Wellness Area

A vacation at the Zignon B&B it’s a great opportunity to get away from daily obligations
and frenetic life style which not only affect our bodies but mostly our minds.

Sauna and mini pool

Relax and recharge!

Spend a moment in total relax in our little but cozy sauna: the perfect place to take a break and where body and soul can regain balance and armony.
Or dive in our mini hydromassage pool with 33° water temperature year-round.

Sauna has many benefits, it strengthens the immune system that helps fight against virus, bacterial diseases, is beneficial for locomotor system helping our body relieving from daily stress.
Sauna’s high temperature causes profusely sweating but thanks to dry air doesn’t create problems. That’s why our body can lose a large amount of liquid and minerals that need to be promptly replenished.

The constant practice of sauna contributes to psycho-physical relaxation, purifies body and soul, it reinforces the immune defenses of the organism, increases blood flow and renal circulation and consequently reactivates the metabolism.

Relax Area

surrounded by nature

Enjoy the “Sweetness of doing nothing ( the Italian “Dolce far niente”). We created a quiet space, where you can read a good book, conversate or simply relax surrounded by nature sounds.