The lake of S. Massenza, connected to that of Toblino, has undergone numerous physical, environmental and biological transformations over time, is located in the homonymous hamlet of the municipality of Vezzano, and was born from glacial erosion. It is connected to Lake Toblino by a canal over which the Gardesana state road passes and welcomes the waters of the Sarca river and Lake Molveno to operate the Santa Massenza hydroelectric plant. The connection of these two lakes offers visitors a romantic panorama. For lovers of fish fauna there is plenty of choice: eels, barbels, carp, carp, chub, whitefish, perch, perch, savette, rudd, bullhead, tench, roach, rainbow trout, brown trout and roach. The mild basin of Santa Massenza is the capital of grappa and an area of olive trees and vines, broccoli and black truffles.